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Hello, welcome to Geekery Wiki!!

Geekery RPM repository


First download the appropriate geekery-release package for your distribution:

Then you can use rpm or yum to install the downloaded package. The package installation will enable the geekery repo for subsequent use via yum.

What packages and versions are available in GEEKERY REPO?

RHEL / CentOS 5: i386 x86_64

RHEL / CentOS 6: i386 x86_64

RHEL / CentOS 7: x86_64

External repositories used for some dependecies

RPM package installation example

Then use yum command to install packages, for example:

 yum install transmission transmission-daemon 

Answer YES to import the GPG key that I used to sign RPM packages:

warning: rpmts_HdrFromFdno: Header V3 DSA signature: NOKEY, key ID a4673575
geekery/gpgkey                                                                                                 | 1.3 kB     00:00
Importing GPG key 0xA4673575 "Marco Spallacci <>" from
Is this ok [y/N]: y

NOTE: if you have manually installed any rpm following my blog (, remove them before using this yum repository


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